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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WAXMAN Cyril (I1418)
2 20089723 On marriage registration # 12 he is listed as "Kaufman" HIRSCH Jacob (I1494)
3 Listed as master locksmith on daughters wedding cert.

Lived in Berlin at Weissensee, Berliner Allee 29-31.

Transported from Berlin on 12 March 1943 on transport No.36 to Auschwitz where later was killed. Had metal (iron,bronze,copper,etc) making business near Weisensee,Berlin. Many of the monuments at the Weisensee Jewish Cemetery were made by him.

Possibly lived prewar at 3 Tasso St. Weissensee 
PEISACHOWICZ Siegfried (I302)
4 No.11 in Marriage register of East Melb.Syn states Spinster age 21 of 89 Queen St. Melbourne. Marriage Cert No.4543

Death Cert # 152046

Probate details Book No.216 Record No.913 states that she died on 22.10.1898 but that probate was not granted until 21.9.1927 From Australian Israelite
7/6/1872 p.2."Mrs.Aaron Waxman is elected Treasurer of Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society."

11/10/1872 p.1 Mrs.A.Waxman donated 10/6d at the St.Kilda Synagogue consecration,

13 June 1873 p.3. At the AGM of the Melbourne Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society, Mrs.Aaron Waxman was elected Treasurer.

12/June/1874 p.338. Melbourne Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society. Mrs.Goldberg proposed that Mrs.A.Waxman [NB Mrs.Esther Goldberg is the daughter of Mrs.A.Waxman] be elected as President. Proposal lost. Mrs.A.Waxman unanimously elected as

7/May/1875 p.1 Births: Waxman on the 5th.inst at her residence,Bellevue House, 111 Albert St.,East Melbourne of a son. [Albert]

Jan 1880 p.20 At the Melb Jewish Bazaar, Mrs AW occupied stall No.2 with the Misses Waxman.

The Jewish Herald. 16/June/1882 pp.219/20 At the AGM of the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society Mrs.AW was re-elected to the committee.

26/June/1885 p.232. Mrs.Waxman re-elected to the committee of the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society.

13/April/1888 p.162. Aust.Free Loan Society established (Melb Benevolent Loan Society). Mrs.E.Waxman promised donation of 25 Pounds.

20/May/1892 p.102. Mrs.E.Waxman subscribed 2 uineas to the Russian Jewish Relief Fund.

27/July/1894 p.215 Pupils of the EMH schools and other schools of the education Board were entertained on 27/July/1894 through the kindness of the President A.Harris JP and the Hon. Sec.Mr.J.Waxman. Letters of thanks for contributing to the
entertainment were sent to Mesdames ...E.Waxman.... 
JOSEPHSON Eliza Rhoda (I981)
5 Possibly born at Beechworth 1881 Cert # 21284. One story states that her Father was the administrator of the Mental Institution at Beechworth and that her parents lived on the top floor. With husband changed surname to Coton? Wrote for the
Bulletin under maiden name. The National Gallery of Victoria has a large painting( not in first class condition when seen by HL at a special showing at the NGV) by Fred. McCubbin entitled "Lady in Blue" of Eileen Kozminsky who we believe was
once a student of McCubbin's at the National Gallery Art School.

Marr.Cert # 296 states that her age is 25 & Father was a Doctor of Medicine. 
WATKINS Eileen (I663)
6 01129730 Birth Cert Folio No.328. Mother unmarried, but married according to Juedischer Rittus. LEWIN Louis (I1488)
7 018129736 Marriage Cert. Marriage resgistration 10 July 1862. He is Gastwwirt from ??? cannot read ???

01129730 Birth Cert Folio No.328 of Son Louis - mother is unmarried at this stage. Nov 1861 - comment "getraut nach Juedischem Rittus." ie married by Jewish Laws. 
SEELIG Bertha (I1487)
8 018129736 Marriage registration 10.Jul 1862. He is Gastwirt from ??? cannot read ???

08129736 Birth Cert Folio No.3288 of son Louis - he is Gastwirt, Hirschmund.

28029801 1845 Register. Jews taking family names page 53 No.2664-71 
LEWIN Israel Hirsch (I1486)
9 06079701 Marriage Cert Sally Lewin to Lucyana in Polish.

1. Sally Lewin, Merchant, Widower, Mosaic religion, lives in Gollub, son of late Hermann Lewin and his Wife Dorothea nee Lebrecht.

2. Divorcee Lucyna Ajfer nee Wasserzug f Mosaic Religion born 10th.dec 1896 in twocko, daughter of Cheskel Wasserzug of twocko and his late wife Sara Dury Perl nee Lula.

3. Witnesses Merchant Samuel Hirsch aged 64 and Merchant Abrahm Lewin aged 45.

29129701 Polish - Notariatsregister fuer 1930 des Notaris F.Pottowicz, Gollub.

29129704 = 24049815 16 Feb 1940 Fruehere Inhaber Grundstueck Gollub Schloss Strasse 2 nach angabe der post Unbekannt verzogen 2 Mar 1940 Nutzniesser ist stadt Gollub 11 March 1940 Schutzpolizei "Evaquiert" - Wohnungsamt 12 Mar 1940
"Beschlagnahmt" - Buergermeister.

20089721 Death Cert of husband Sally in Polish. 
WASSERZUG Lucyna Ludka (I1490)
10 08129736 Marriage Cert of daughter Bertha - he is Handelsman. 29019887 Death Cert agedd 89 ?? SEELIG Moses (I1513)
11 1 HIST David Petrie came to Tasmania as a free settler on the ship "Storm Cloud", arriving 29/08/1855. Jean Traill came out on the same ship. They apparently met on the ship PETRIE David (I1843)
12 1 HIST Ellen Ah Hee is the mother of Ellen Petrie (nee Bray/Ah hee)
1 HIST Child Florence (Age 4) is Ellen Petrie (born 1881-died 1963) 
WHITE Ellen (I1862)
13 1 NAME Lived in Wallace St Kingsford.
1 NAME Both Steele and Ellen are buried in Botany Cemartary 
Source (S6)
14 10019810 Death Cert. LEWIN Moses (I1484)
15 10019819 Marriage cert of daughter Rachel Natalie (I1492)
16 10019819 Marriage Cert of Rachel

20089724 in Polish sells her house 6th. Dec 1893. Lived in Gollub. 
SCHMUL Rosalie Rachel (I1489)
17 10019820 Birth Cert dated 19 Jan 1893 LEWIN Bertha (I1498)
18 15019826 Marriage Cert # 10 5th.July 1914 = 05059814.

26039827 Birth Registration #144. 05059814 Original Ermaechtigung Zum Aufgebot 29 May 1914. 22069807 Original Aufgebot (Banns) # 29. He son of Hermann, she lived in Lautenburg. 
RAUTENBERG Hermann (I1497)
19 16, Churchfield Close North Harrow Middx . Born and married in Germany then went with her husband to London where her two eldest children Charlotte,(born 109 Wardour St. London) and Ellen were born. The family then went to Sth Africa where her
two sons Edward and Martin were born at Kimberley and her youngest daughter Rosa was born at Cape Town. Returned to Germany prior to WWI. They then returned to London prior to WWII.

Birth Certificate No.4 dated Gerdauen, 13 January.1881shows date of birth 8th January,1881 at 12.30 in the afternoon.

One German document has her birth date as 8th January (18th ?) 1889, living in Berlin at Hussitenstrasse 67. 
SIMON Margarete (Grete) (I19)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HIRSCH Rudolf Eduard (I1505)
21 17099715 Birth Cert dated 13 Feb 1889 # 18. LEWIN Nathan (I1495)
22 17099716 Birth Cert dated 6 May 1890. 05059817 Original Birth Reg 6 May 1890 = 1709716.

10019712 Birth Cert identical to 12099716.

Marriage Cert 15019826 # 10 5th. Jul 1914

22069807 Original Aufgebot (Banns) No.29 of Natalie 
LEWIN Nathalie (I1496)
23 17099717 Birth Cert Dated 13 Dec 1894 LEWIN Martin (I1499)
24 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LEINER Christian Santangelo (I256)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WILSON Beverley Joan (I948)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BOAN Mark (I921)
27 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SALEK Berwyn Elizabeth (I937)
28 20089723 Marriage registration No.12. She is haustochter ohne Beruf. Leedig 17099714 Birth cert dated 28 Jan 1888 No.8 LEWIN Hedwig (I1493)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LEWIN Hermann (I1500)
30 22019809 Marriage Cert?

When Hedwig born his occupation is "Getreidenhaendler."

When Herman born his occupation is "Kaufman"

On daughter Nathalie marriage cert 5th.Jul 1914 his age is given as 54.

06079715 notifies death of Hans Karl 
LEWIN Jacob Heymann (I170)
31 26039819 Birth Cert # 203. 26039817 Marriage registration 9th.April 1906. 22069801 original Marriage Banns. He is horse dealer lives in Schwetz. FRIEDLAENDER Julius (I180)
32 29129701 in Polish 17099719 birth cert dated 15 Dec 1894 #116.

09029812 Domicile registration. Bookkeeper, unmarried, moved 1 Nov 1913 from Berlin to Badestr 23 c/o Joseph, Gollub 19th. Oct 1914. 
LEWIN Erna (I340)
33 29129701 Polish 20089714 Birth Cert 06079710. # 73 Birth cert identical to 20089714 LEWIN Charlotta (Lotte) (I46)
34 29129701 Polish 20089715 Birth certificate # 19 LEWIN Gerhard Gera (I47)
35 29129701. Polish 29129702 Birth cert No.28 dated 28 Jan 1896 LEWIN Hedwig (I43)
36 29129710 Birth Cert. #30

29129711 Death Cert. #37 
SIMON Leo (I1514)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WOOD Fiona (I1298)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. JACKSON Basil (I64)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BOAN Prudence Crownson (I924)
40 ? Deported to Auschwitz? SIMON Ella (I327)
41 A Hermann Simon born 15 July 1880 at Wreschen, Posen, was deported from Mitte, ASugust Str.14-15 on 29 Nov 1942 by transport #23 to Auschwitz. SIMON Herman (I88)
42 A housekeeper HENDERSON Jane (I1234)
43 A Martha Simon born 25June 1866 in Berlin, was deported from Schoneberg, Schwabische Str 2 on 15 July 1942 by Altertransport #22 to Theresinstadt and was killed in Minsk. SIMON Martha (I86)
44 a Paul Klein was born 12.5.1871 in Berlin. deported from Barbarossa Str.36 & deported on Alter Transport # 51 on 27.8.1942 to Theresinstadt where died on 5.03.1943.
This Paul Klein lived at Holzmarkt Str.11 Died at Breslauer Str 31. Was buried in same grave as wife Minna (Emma ?). Emma was childless. Possibly previously married to Cecilia? as on his death papers it staes that it was notified by his sonm Ernst? 
DR., KLEIN Paul (I361)
45 Abe & Rosa lived in Falkenstein, Volkland. Pre Hitler had a curtain factory in the 1930's. Possibly married at Chemitz. LEINER Abraham (I206)
46 According to birth record # 1013 of Melbourne Hebrew Cong., her parents lived at St.Elmo, Moreland Rd., Brunswick, Melbourne.

Birth Cert # 24956. Marriage Cert # 9416 
WAXMAN Lyla Kathleen (I1390)
47 According to birth record # 565 of Melbourne Hebrew Cong his parents lived at 111 Albert St., E.Melbourne. Birth Cert # 24225. First Marriage Cert # 2517.

Second Marriage Cert to Annie Mandelberg # 8022

Jewish Herald 7/April 1893 p.79. Played in annual jewish cricket match.

6/April/1894 p.110 Played in annual match. 
WAXMAN Percy (I1337)
48 According to Gerhard Leiner, his grandfather died July either 1912 or 1913. LEINER Mendel (I1465)
49 According to her birth record # 383 at Melbourne Hebrew Cong., her parents lived at Drummond St. Carlton. See also birth announcement in The Australian Israelite 10/10/1873 Front Page "on the 4th.inst., at her residence Drummond St. Carlton,
the wife of Aaron Waxman of a daughter."

Birth Cert # 25590. Marriage Cert # 1806

The Jewish Herald 17/June/1892 p.122. Junior Jewish Literary Society. Miss V.Waxman contributed to the musical & dramatic programme which followed the debate.

23/March/1894 p.96. Miss V.Waxman took part in the musical & Dramatic programme presented at the AGM of the Melb.Jun.J.Lit.Soc. held on 20/March/1894.

27/July/1894 p.215. Junior J.Lit.Soc meeting held 16/7/1894 Principal performers Misses....V.Waxman.

19th.March, 1897 p.110.

Miss Victoria Waxman, daughter of Mrs.E.Waxman was united in marriage on Wednesday 10th.March tto Mr.Hyman White of Bendigo. The ceremoney took place at the East Melbourne Synagogue and was performed by the rev.J.lenzer who delivered an
impressive address. The Synagogue was beautifully decorated and a new set of elaborate canopy poles was used for the occasion. A reception was held at the Masonic Hall, Collins St and was very largely attended by friends and relations of the
two families. A Ball was held in the evening at "St.Elmo," Moreland Road, the residence of Mr.Joseph Waxman, brother of the bride. Very numerous and valuable gifts were received by the young couple.

According to a family tree prepared byPeter Waxman, there were no children of this marriage. 
WAXMAN Victoria (I1335)
50 According to Israeli sources (Josting notes) Abraham's wife was Johanna Herzog. I have Johanna Schey. KLEIN Abraham Adolf (I136)

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